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Friends that really care

A true friend wants what’s best for you. That’s exactly what we want for our clients and collaborators: to reach their full potential and be successful at their endeavors. We always direct our clients toward choices that will bring the best outcomes for a project, even when it means going back to the drawing board or making us work harder to stick to established deadlines. Tough, right? But that’s what good friends are for: to help you through tough times.

Everyone matters

Our culture is based on promoting meaningful and sincere relationships, creating opportunities and helping people realize their own potential. We care about our teammates and encourage them to bring their thoughts and ideas to every project. And that goes for clients, too. Together with our clients we form an ensemble, a team.

Collaboration meets creativity

In our workplace reigns a collaborative atmosphere that helps good vibes flow. Maintaining a healthy working environment has a positive impact on our projects and inspires quality even under moon landing pressure. Our teammates are a group of friends that get along well and receive newcomers with true enthusiasm.

The importance of feeling good

At Capicua there are no unnecessary formalities, such as wearing a suit to every meeting or following a chain of command to talk to partners or managers. We don’t need casual Fridays to help our team members feel comfortable because we already work in a comfortable environment. This helps us bring more of our true talent to everything we do.

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