In-house software development

Creditcheck is a SaaS (Software as a Service) aimed at lenders who need to approve loans quickly but need complete financial data and credit history on their customers. Capicua’s experience in developing technological products for the financial sector allowed us to create a robust, coherent and user-friendly computing solution.


Most online instant loan services issue pre-approved, standardized loans that are not customized for the specific needs of each user. Companies offer the same loan amounts for both users with modest incomes and those who have greater ability to repay debt. This is a missed opportunity for lenders, so we created a system that makes it possible to approve credit quickly and allows users to choose the amount they want to apply for and number of installments. Users are verified and validated according to their credit history. Factors considered include good payment history, income and debt-to-income ratio.


  • Credit information of potential customers is available to the user by simply entering a person’s identity document number.
  • The data flow makes it possible to attract potential loan buyers and bring potentially crucial information for the development of new business.
  • The platform is flexible and friendly, allowing companies to define their validation rules for each case.
  • Interactions can be made with with real customers through landing pages and digital marketing campaigns. People can use Creditcheck’s tools to make loan applications at any time, without depending on financial business hours.