Medical cannabis marketing

Grunë is a company involved in producing pharmaceutical quality cannabis extracts for medicinal use. They contracted Capicua for a suite of marketing services that included the creation of their logo, branding and website, and the production of promotional videos.


Recent legislation in Uruguay has opened the door for new cannabis enterprises. As cannabis is a new industry that still carries some controversy, it was particularly important for Grunë to show that they are a professional provider of a pharmaceutical product. In order to achieve this, our team researched other pharmaceutical companies and how they handle their branding.

High-end branding
We decided on the name Grunë, the German word for green. This name gives the impression of a serious and technologically advanced company, while referencing the product in a way that doesn’t elicit negative connotations.

Web presence
For the company’s website, we initially provided something basic, allowing the company to have an online presence while they grew their physical one. The site has since evolved and now allows investors access to see the company’s monthly reports.

Business plan and presentations
We created a polished business plan and presentation templates in order to favorably show Grunë to their investors.

Video Production
Grunë is a supporter of the Batar Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at helping children with West Syndrome and Refractory Epilepsy. They advocate the investigation and use of medicinal cannabis to treat children with these diseases. Grunë put us in contact with the organization and we offered our website creation and video production services free of charge.

We produced a series of videos for the foundation that covered their activities at Uruguay’s Expo Cannabis 2018, as well showed information about the organization through testimonials and animations.


What started as a contract for brand creation has turned into a long-term relationship with additional roles. We look forward to continue working with the company and being at the forefront of a new industry.