Financial Services

Microfin is a leading financial SME. With many banks in the market, Microfin seeks to be different by approving or rejecting loans and credit card applications immediately and online through a web application.

Microfin approached us to create the digital strategy and web application needed to start granting online loans and promote their new credit card. 


To grant or reject loans for Microfin customers in a fast and simple way through its website.



Obtaining the credit history of a customer is not an easy task. There are several sources to be checked, and the validity of much of the data needs to be verified. The variables that control the approval of a loan are many, including income, total current debt, work history, age, occupation, housing situation, etc. 

We created a platform on the Microfin website that automated most of the credit checking process, able to quickly grant or reject loans for their customers.