Custom travel experiences

Tom Tours is a travel agency providing flights, tour packages and tailored vacation experiences for their clients. Tom Tours is a family-owned company based in New York City, established in 1984. They primarily serve the Latin American community and have offices located throughout the greater New York area.

Tom Tours wanted to modernize the look and experience of their website. They felt their existing site was outdated and the content was confusing, obscuring what the user was meant to do. It also didn’t include the company’s travel packages, which had become a focus of their business.

Capicua designed and implemented the new version of the Tom Tours travel website, using the Divi Builder for WordPress and customizations built with React.


Ability to Manage Content
Key features of the new website include a blog and descriptions of travel packages. Both of these sections require regular additions and updates in order to make the site more useful and attract clients.

We used Divi Builder for WordPress, offering our team and the client several advantages. Our designers could assemble the majority of the site, keeping the development cost affordable and ensuring that the implementation of the design was just right. With the site finished, the client can edit text directly on the page with the visual editor. Therefore important content can be changed with just a few clicks.

Quality Design
The company requested a design as attractive and modern as that of their competitors, to successfully attract potential customers and encourage existing clients to book trips through the Tom Tours site. With big players like Priceline and Expedia dominating the industry, it’s essential for a smaller company like Tom Tours to have a high quality website to stay competitive.

We designed the site to be bold but uncluttered, drawing attention to the travel experiences offered by the agency.

Custom React Integrations
A WordPress plugin was needed to manage the trip packages feature. The plugin had the necessary backend functionality but not the look that suited the site design, so we had to create a page using React, a Javascript library that helps build the frontend of web applications. We also decided to create custom modules in React for the Divi Builder so that our designers could have full control of the site’s development. The modules can be added in the dashboard to pages from the library like regular modules.

WordPress Plugins
We installed WP Travel, Happy Forms and a custom plugin for flight searches. The WP Travel plugin permits the client to connect with Stripe payments. We designed a custom frontend for the plugin, making it so that the package information page acts as a React application versus a traditional WordPress page.